Best tips to Write a Resume format for Fresher

What is a fresher resume?

Most candidates who are freshers use the functional resume format instead of the more commonly used chronological resume format. A fresher resume refers to a resume created by an individual who has recently graduated from high school or college or who has very limited working experience.

Best tips to write a resume formatted for freshers

Why is the fresher resume format you choose important? Because most candidates create their resume using a chronological format that focuses on their relevant experience, freshers need a different format that focuses on their strengths while also equally highlighting them as a strong candidate for the position they are applying for.

1. Read the job description

Reading the job description before you write your resume will help you choose the keywords you should include throughout your resume. Every resume should be specific to the skills and qualities needed to be successful in the role you are applying for and should show you have the same set of core values as the employer.

2. Include your contact information

The first section of your resume should state all of your contact information, including your name, address, phone number and email address. Some candidates also prefer to include links to social media profiles, personal websites, personal blogs or personal portfolios in this section.

3. Write a powerful summary statement

A great resume summary statement should convey your knowledge and passion for the role you are applying to and how you will be of value to the employer. So the next section of your resume should be a personal summary that states who you are as a professional, what your career goals are and why you are the best candidate for the position you are applying for.

4. Choose the skills you want to highlight

Your next step is to choose the technical hard skills and soft skills you have which are most relevant to being successful in the position you are applying for. You can often find specific skills the employer is looking for listed throughout the job description.

5. Highlight education, training and certifications

If you earned honors, exceptional grades or scholarships, you can also highlight this information in this section. This could include your major and minor in college, professional licenses and certifications, certificate courses taken in college and additional professional training.

6. Proofread

The last step in writing a fresher resume is to proofread what you have written. You can read your resume out loud or have a friend or family member proofread your resume for you. This will help you find any spelling or grammar errors, check for inconsistencies, ensure your resume highlights the features that make you the best candidate for the position and ensure your resume is honest and memorable.



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