Best tips to Write a Resume format for Fresher

The format you choose for your resume as a fresher is important to properly highlight your skills and strengths. In this article, I explain what a fresher resume is, why the format you choose for your fresher resume is important and how to write a fresher resume with tips and examples.

What is a fresher resume?

Best tips to write a resume formatted for freshers

Below are 6 steps and examples to write a resume formatted for freshers:

1. Read the job description

2. Include your contact information

If you include these types of links in your resume, it is important to make sure everything on your profile is professional and portrays the personal professional brand you want.

Example contact information format:

Pete Sanders
9998 South Bend Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201
(555) 888–8888

3. Write a powerful summary statement

Example summary statement for a fresher resume:

Highly motivated professional who earned high honors throughout college and contributed to year-end audits and forecasting with special recognition from the senior accounting team during my internship. Recent college graduate with a major in business administration and a minor in accounting seeking entry-level position as a Junior Accountant with a medium- to large-sized accounting firm that I can grow to senior level positions within.

4. Choose the skills you want to highlight

Example skills section for a fresher resume:

Technical skills: Expert
Mathematical skills: Advanced
Communication skills: Advanced
Customer service skills: Expert
Problem-solving skills: Expert

5. Highlight education, training and certifications

Example education, training and certifications resume section for freshers:

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration
August 2015 — May 2019

National Honor Society Scholarship
Awarded 2016–2019

6. Proofread

With a good CV, your career is unlimited