How to introduce Yourself at a New Job

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for a Round of Introductions

If you haven’t been introduced to everyone already, don’t be afraid to ask your supervisor if he or she is willing to introduce you to people. You can broach it casually, so as not to sound demanding or upset. Just say, “I’ve started getting a feel for who works here and who I’ll be working with, but I’m still a little unclear. Think you’d have 10 minutes or so for a round of introductions this morning?”

2. Take the Initiative to Introduce Yourself

If your supervisor is inaccessible, use your common sense (or ask around) to figure out who you likely will be interfacing with and then introduce yourself to them in person if possible. If you work at a small company, it should be relatively easy to figure out who you’ll be collaborating with on a day-to-day basis.

3. Ask for an Organization Chart

It will give you a clear idea of who you will be reporting to, who you will be managing and who you will be working with laterally. If you work at a large company, the structure of your organization may not be immediately apparent.

4. Acknowledge Everyone in Your Workplace

Ask your supervisor who you will be interfacing with most often and take extra care to make a good impression.

5. Send a Follow-Up Email

You don’t have to follow up with every single individual, but after you are introduced to people who you will be working with closely, it’s always a good idea to send along a note.

6. Don’t Be Offended If You Aren’t Introduced to Everyone

Don’t take it personally if not everyone has time for introductions. People are busy, and depending on their status in the company, they may not even be aware (or involved in) the hiring process below them.



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