How to Mail a Resume and Cover Letter?

1. Follow the Employer’s Instructions

2. Save Your Cover Letter and Resume

3. Be Sure to Include a Subject in the Email Message

4. Write an Email Message to Send With Your Resume

5. Add Your Signature to an Email Message

6. Attach Your Resume and Cover Letter to an Email Message

  • Click on Insert, Attach File. Your email client will display a list of files in the default file folder of your computer.
  • Click to select the file you want to add to your email message, and then click on Insert to attach the document to your email message.
  • Before you click Send, send the message to yourself to be sure all the attachments come through, and your email message is perfect.
  • Click Send, and your cover letter and your resume will be on their way to the employer.




With a good CV, your career is unlimited

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CV Simply

CV Simply

With a good CV, your career is unlimited

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