How to make your Resume stand out from the Crowd

These quick and easy-to-do tips will help get your resume past the screening systems and noticed by recruiters. Here’s how to update your resume in just a few minutes.

It can be a challenge to get your resume noticed by employers, but there are ways to tweak it and move it beyond the applicant tracking systems (ATS) that employers now frequently use to provide an initial screening of the dozens, if not hundreds, of job applications they receive.

1. Focus on Formatting

  • Use a basic font: Be sure to use a font size that’s readable — 10 to 12 points works best. Use bold and italics to highlight job titles and employers. The best font to use is a simple font such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri.
  • Move the education section to the bottom: Focus on your work experience then put your education and other information at the bottom of your resume.
  • Add a headline or profile: Be sure that it focuses on what you can offer the employer, not on what you want from a job. Besides, eye-catching headline or profile is a great way to grab the reader’s attention.
  • Add a skills section: Adding a skills section to your resume is another good way to show that you’re a good fit for the job.

2. Be Sure You’re a Good Fit for the Job

Make sure you have at least the minimum required qualifications to be considered. Qualifications for being considered for a job are usually listed at the bottom of the job ad. Otherwise, you’re wasting everyone’s time, your own included.

3. Get Rid of the Clutter

  • Get rid of non-essential information: You should not include information about your personal life, family, hobbies, or anything else not related to work. Your resume is professional, not personal.
  • Get rid of old jobs: You may be required to list them all on job applications, but your resume is a synopsis of your employment history, not your life story. You don’t need to include all your work experience on your resume. If you have a lengthy work history.

4. Show the Employer That You’re Qualified

  • Focus on your accomplishments: Focus your resume upon what you achieved in each job, not your job responsibilities. The employer wants to know what you accomplished, not just what you did.
  • Add a cover letter: You can use your cover letter to focus on the experience that best suits you for the job. A cover letter, even if it’s not required, is the best way to highlight the specific qualifications you have for the job.
  • Use a connection. Your goal is to get your resume read; knowing someone who can help that happen will make a big difference in the outcome of your application. Getting your resume into the hands of the right person can help you get an interview.
  • Customize your resume: Take the time to customize it by including the qualifications and skills the company is looking for so the employer knows you have the right stuff. Don’t send the same generic resume in for every job.
  • Include your most relevant skills: Include keywords on your resume that match the job-specific skills the employer is seeking. The screening system that employers use matches your resume to a designated set of qualifications.

Share Your Achievements

  • Add information: If your resume is light on paid full-time work experience that qualifies you for the job, it’s fine to add internships, part-time jobs, and volunteer experience.
  • Getting hired is a numbers game: Employers like to see quantifiable achievements on resumes. Include numbers wherever possible and use numbers, not words, when you’re listing them. For example, write “30%,” not “thirty percent.”

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With a good CV, your career is unlimited

With a good CV, your career is unlimited