Should you include the Hobby on your Resume?

Most companies now strive to recruit “cultural fit” candidates. In other words, they are also after certain personality traits. And that’s exactly what your hobbies can hint! They are not just interested in hiring folks with specific skills.

Many people will tell you that a list of hobbies should not be on your resume. They’ll say that it’s fluff and a waste of space. After all, shouldn’t you keep work and play separate? Nope, not when it comes to your resume!

How To List Hobbies And Interests On Your Resume

First, You can use ‘Hobbies’ if you are applying to a more modern organization. Or consider ‘Personal and Community Activities’ if you are forwarding your resume to a more “corporate” employer. Your hobbies and interests should be at the end of your resume. Next, you have to give that section a title.

If you need to add some detail for clarity and relevance do so, but avoid long paragraphs. The main rule about listing your hobbies and interests is to keep things brief. A bullet list will work fine here.

Here’s a quick list of hobbies for example:

  • RPG Game Developer: Python And Ruby on Rails
  • Rock Climbing And Bouldering
  • Toastmasters Public Speaking And Debate Coach
  • Secretary-Treasurer and Membership Records Keeper, Monroe County Lions Club

Can Your Hobbies Save Your Chances At A Job?

Your experience and education are nearly the same. In other words, it’s a tie between the two of you! Your resume and one other is on the HR manager’s desk. You and the other applicant have similar qualifications. Imagine the following case.

Now the hiring manager has one thing left to consider: Who is the best fit when it comes to the company culture? You’ve included information about community volunteer work, a sport you play, and that you enjoy backpacking.

The other applicant hasn’t included any interests or hobbies on their resume. Personality-wise, they are a blank slate. In such a case, your list of hobbies could give you the edge over another candidate. And you did that for a good reason: you know that the company values community service and that the culture is very active and outdoorsy.

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