Tips on how to find a second Job

Should You Consider Getting a Second Job?

Is It Enough Money to Be Worth Your While?

Will Getting a Second Job Offer More Than Money?

  • You’ll gain skills or experience that will make you more employable or help you move into a new role or industry.
  • You’ll make contacts that could lead to professional opportunities down the line.
  • You’ll have a chance to “try out” a new role before making a total career change.
  • Your present job doesn’t fulfill a major need in your life, e.g. a chance to give back to your community or travel more or engage in a hobby that doesn’t presently pay all your bills.

Second Job or Self-Employment?

Best Second Jobs

Types of Second Jobs

  • Traditional part-time employment, often in the service sector
  • Small business enterprises
  • Freelance work

6 Tips for Finding a Second Job




With a good CV, your career is unlimited

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CV Simply

With a good CV, your career is unlimited

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