Types of Cover letters with Samples

Make Your Letter Specific

Be sure to choose a type of cover letter that reflects how you are applying for the job or the type of job search assistance you are requesting.

Types of Cover Letters

  • Application Letter: An application letter is written to apply for a specific job opening. This is a traditional cover letter that is sent with a resume to apply for a job.
  • Referral Cover Letter: A referral cover letter mentions the name of a person who has referred you to a job. This can be a great way to gain an employer’s interest, particularly if the individual providing the referral is known to the company you are interested in working for.
  • Letter of Interest: A letter of interest, also known as a prospecting letter, inquires about possible job openings at a particular company.
  • Networking Letter: Networking letters request job search advice and assistance. These can be addressed to colleagues, to individuals you have met at professional conferences or other industry events, or to people to whom you connected through professional social networking sites like LinkedIn.
  • Value Proposition Letter: A value proposition is a brief statement explaining what makes the candidate unique.

Examples for Job Applications

When creating a letter of application for a job, be sure to include details about how your professional experience relates to the qualifications and requirements listed in the job posting. This makes it easy for the hiring manager to determine that you’re a good candidate. You should also try to echo as many of the keywords listed in the job description as possible, in both your cover letter and your resume.

  • Job Application Letter: Includes sample for a paper application (or email attachment) and a cover letter that is sent as the body of an email.
  • Cover Letter for a Career Change: Learn how to highlight skills from your previous career that will transfer to your new one.
  • Applying for More Than One Job: Includes tips and a sample letter for when you’re applying for multiple positions at the same company.
  • Cover Letter for a Job Promotion: Use this to help you apply for an internal position with your current employer.

Inquiring About Openings

Your dream company may not advertise a job opening, and there is a chance that they’re always seeking talented individuals. Take the initiative and send a letter with your resume to let them know that you’re available and interested in working for them.

  • ​Prospecting Letter: Get noticed with these tips and sample letter.
  • Value Proposition Cover Letter: Learn how to add a value proposition statement to your cover letter — a statement that shows your specific value to the company and why you should be hired.
  • Cold Contact Cover Letter: Includes tips and a sample.
  • Sell Your Skills and Experience: These tips and sample will help when you know there is a job opening that isn’t advertised or if you don’t know if the company is hiring but are interested in working for them.



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