What are some of the most interesting resumes?

1. Select the right format

Chronological (traditional resume)-work history is listed beginning with the recent positions held. Previous job experience, education, skills and certifications also appear in a chronological resume.

Great if you want to show a potential employer significant skills and work history

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Targeted-Highlights a person’s skills and experience in terms of relevance to a specific position. The resume is rewritten or edited for every job application and can be time consuming, but emphasises a person’s fitness to the position.

has a focus on a person’s skills as well as experience Great for anyone changing a career or where the work history has gaping holes.

As you list your contact information on your resume you should start with your Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number, Email Address and Link to online portfolio, if you’ve one, in that order. LinkedIn profile should appear here.

Choose the best resume introduction that defines you from three types: professional profile, career objective or qualifications of summary.

The font type and font size selected should be easy to read.

Most jobs today have hundreds if not thousands of applicants. Recruiters use software to find the applicants with specific keywords that describe the skill set they’re looking for and other information. Be found with ease and fast by finding the best keywords targeting jobs you’re interested in and add them in the resume.

The template ensures you’re highlighting your abilities, skills, experience and other details. The up to career is your best choice to download them!

NO spelling and grammatical errors.

Build your resume online now!

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